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Susie Leuck, born and raised in Santa Cruz, has been hand crafting lampshades, jewelry and other design projects for many years.

Through her meaningful use of crystal gems, re-purposed sea glass and polished stone, Susie creates original jewelry which provides a platform of rebirth, strength and new purpose.

With an intentional passion for designing inspirational pieces, Susie is able to bring out the Quintessential beauty of each element.

Lamps are not included in the price of the shade; however, if interested, I am certain we can negotiate a fair price.

Shipping available for additional cost.

If interested, contact Susie 

Send a text with your name and what you're interested in to: 


Lamp Shades

Medusa $450

Large crescent shaped frame covered with a vintage velvet burnout shawl with 10 inch double-layer fringe.

Abalone shade $300

Medium size crescent shape frame with a "Pinkett Floral" Silk Fabric.

Oriental Lotus shade $450 

Small closed blossom frame with light gold Floral Brocade Chinese Satin Fabric.

Driftwood lamp & shade $850

Repuroposed frame with "Pinkett Floral" Silk Fabric, lined with a sky blue linen. This produces a soft light blue hue when turned on. Includes driftwood from the 2023 Santa Cruz storm and rope lighting.

Hummingbird shade $425

When light is on, the shade has a sky blue hue. Fabric over silk with a 6 inch glass bead fringe.

Water Lily shade (sold)

Rare Eiffel Tower lamp shade frame.

Lily of the Valley shade (sold)

White Jacquard fabric on a spider frame.

Antique Linen shade (sold)

Created from our wedding tablecloth.

Bird Cage shade (sold)

Large half-moon wire lamp shade frame with Bird and Tea Silk Satin Fabric.


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